Why Have A Property Valuation Adelaide Appraised Before Buying?

When visiting a house or an apartment, the future buyer may miss several details resulting in additional expenses. Knowing whether work is to be expected over the next few years is useful for negotiating a lower selling price with the owner.

On the seller’s side, the pre-purchase Property Valuation Adelaide real estate appraisal is a way of protecting against possible lawsuits initiated by the buyer following the discovery of hidden defects. Moreover, nothing prevents the buyer from asking the seller to include the principle of this study in the sales agreement.

The expert in charge of carrying out this study is a professional with technical building skills and whose experience makes it possible to make an inventory of the Property Valuation Adelaide, but also to assess the cost of its restoration.

As for the value of the pre-purchase real estate appraisal, it represents for the buyer an aid to negotiation with the owner, and for the seller a precise and dated assessment of his accommodation during the sale which allows him to avoid any prosecution for discovery of latent defects.

The real estate pre-purchase expertise consists of the expert carrying out a visit to the property before signing the sales agreement to establish a general and precise statement of its condition. 

For this, the professional will carry out a technical inspection of the essential points of the building and will submit an expert report including his opinion on the general condition of the accommodation together with the list of any work to be undertaken according to their urgency.

The expert’s role is to ensure that the Wikipedia property concerned corresponds to the description plans found in the compromise or the sales contract.

The price of the expertise varies according to the surface area of ​​the accommodation and its location. It is higher for buyers looking for a property in Paris. On average, it takes between 400 and 1,500 euros. This sum, which is not negligible, can nevertheless make it possible to avoid a very costly investment in the long term. It is therefore wise to weigh the pros and cons before entering into any form of transaction.